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Everyone has an important teacher in their life.


There is a teacher who has touched you. The teacher came in at an important moment in life. They showed you they care. They believe in you when you didn’t believe in yourself. They changed the trajectory of your life. 


Or, maybe they're even closer than that. They are a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a child. You see their love and dedication. They don’t do it for the money. They do it because they love their students. You've seen the late nights. You’ve seen how they spend their own money. You've heard their prayers for their students. Their students have no idea how much their teacher truly cares about them. But you see it. 


How can you ever thank a teacher? We try with gift cards and flowers but we know that doesn’t quite do it. Teachers want to know they’ve made an impact. They work because they love their students. They work to impact the next generation.


At City of Joy we see this in our teachers. They love Joy because of the impact we’re making in the lives of students and in the community. We see their sacrifice and we see the impact of their sacrifice on a daily basis. Lives or being transformed before our eyes. 


Joy is growing. Our campus is expanding to meet our growing student body and so we’re building new classrooms to meet that need. We’re dedicating this new building to teachers from around the world who've made a sacrifice to transform the lives of others. 


We want to create an opportunity for you to honor a teacher by being a part of Joy’s growth. If you give to the City of Joy Teacher Legacy Fund you'll be doing two important things. First, you’ll be investing in a structure that will be used to transform the lives of hundreds of students. 


Second, you can give in honor of an important teacher in your life. When you give in honor of a teacher we’ll let the teacher or their family know that you’re giving because they've given. No matter the amount you give we will send a thank you card to that teacher so they know their legacy is touching children around the world. In addition, if you give in the following ways we can make the gift even more special.


$50 A Joy student will write a personal thank you note to the teacher you want to honor.

$100 A thank you note from a Joy student and a personalized video greeting from a Joy student.

$200 Everything above, AND a name plate on our teacher appreciation plaque on City of Joy’s campus.

$250 Everything above and a Rwandan basket, handmade by a Joy School mother sent to the person you want to honor. Traditionally these baskets were given as a symbol of friendship from one family to another.


This idea was created by a City of Joy board member who was inspired by his mother and father-in-law. They both dedicated their lives to education. His family wants to honor their legacy and so he has agreed to match each gift given up to $70,000. That means a $50 gift becomes a $100 gift. A $250 gift becomes a $500 gift. 


Give today to honor a special teacher and your gift will be doubled!


City of Joy needs these new classrooms to continue the work that teachers have sacrificed for. Our students won’t stop growing but there won’t be a space for them at Joy if Joy doesn’t grow with them. 


When you give to the Joy Teacher Legacy Fund you you will provide a great space for Joy teachers to create an excellent learning environment as they invest in the next generation. 


And, you will let that special teacher in your life know their legacy continues. When you give be sure to type the name of the teacher you want to honor in the notes of the "Payment Details" section. You'll receive a confirmation email requesting more information about the person you want to honor. 

Click here to see and example of the kind of video your honored teacher will receive. 

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