This is a moment to celebrate! God has done something great at City of Joy.

We believe our kids are incredibly talented. God calls them his masterpiece and he says he made them to do good things in this world (Eph 2:10). If given the tools and the chance they will lift their community out of poverty. This core belief drives everything we do at City of Joy.

Last fall we launched Joy Christian Secondary School using every inch of the Joy campus to pull it off. I'm excited to announce that this fall we are expanding our campus to include 3 new facilities: a dorm for our growing teaching staff, four new classrooms, and bathrooms on the new secondary school campus.

With the diligence of our Rwandan team, your generosity, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit we were able to break ground on the secondary school campus two weeks ago. Construction of phase 1 should be done just in time for the next term to begin in mid September.

The only thing left is desks, bookshelves, school supplies, and curriculum. We are 98% of the way toward the goal for phase 1. We only have $2,939 left. Will you please make a gift today to push us over the top? Give here Joy Christian Secondary School

If we don’t get that last 2% we won’t be ready for the first day of school. But, even if we’re sitting on the floor we’ll be overjoyed to be in the next phase of growth for Joy Christian School. Our Senior 3 (9th grade) students will be one step closer toward their futures of doing the good things God has planned for them.

We’re so happy you're in this with us.