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Extreme poverty impacts all areas of life. It creates problems that those living in the Western cultures seldom consider. Not only does poverty prevent access to good education but it creates secondary problems which create further obstacles to education. There is no better example than when girls begin menstruating. By the time our female students reach 6th grade many have begun having a regular menstruation cycle. Though it is a part of our 5th grade health curriculum many girls are embarrassed when this natural process begins. 77% of Rwandans lack adequate sanitation and girls do not have access sanitary napkins of any kind. As a result when girls begin menstruating they are distracted in class and often miss 3-5 days of school each month. 

The Rwandan education board therefore recommends that all schools have a girl’s room, a dignified place to rest with access to resources and means to maintain good hygiene. Our board agrees with this recommendation and so does New Community of Spokane. Thank you for the generous gift to construct and furnish of this important facility for Joy Christian Secondary School. 

When construction is complete we will need another $500 to stock the girl's room with supplies. 

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