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The Joy community did something really remarkable. This community knows that every student at City of Joy is God’s masterpiece, made new in Christ, to do the good things God planned for them long ago. Because of that so many have entered their journey toward those good things. They have helped to clear the way. They've removed obstacles and equipped Joy students with the tools they need for the journey. They’ve provided them with a fantastic education and a created a learning environment for them to succeed in. 

Two years ago we were at a crossroad and we sent our oldest students down the wrong path. We didn’t have our own secondary school so we sent them to other schools around the country. We quickly realized the mistake and the Joy community rallied to forge a new path by establishing Joy Secondary School. Our students were able to move back home and are thriving again. 

Today we’re at another crossroad as our oldest students are completing their “ordinary” level of secondary school. Next year they will enter their “A” level studies. Joy has already determined that we need to forge another path forward to help our students continue toward the good things God has planned for them.  

To forge that path we need to build another structure. In May we will submit an application to the Rwandan Education Board requesting permission to hold A level studies. In order for the request to be granted we will need to show that we will have adequate facilities in place. 

The Joy community, this includes you, has rallied at every moment along this journey to clear the way forward. Our next challenge is phase 3 of the secondary school journey.

We need to construct another classroom building to house 6 classrooms by the start of the next school year in October. Both “ordinary” level classes and “A” level classes will take place in this structure. The four classrooms our students are currently using will be transformed into chemistry and biology labs. 

In order to get there we need to clear 5 major hurdles. 

  1. By May 1st we need $48,333 to secure the materials necessary to build. Hurdle 1 has been cleared!
  2. By July 5th we need $36,250 so that our builders can begin work on the foundation and exterior walls. 
  3. By August 1st we need $24,167 for the roof and second story contruction.. 
  4. At the completion of the project we need $12,083 for the finishing touches.
  5. Finally, by September 30th we need $43,791 for desks, classroom supplies, curriculum, lab equipment, cabinets, sinks, and work tables. 

Hurdle 1 has already been crossed and today we're working to clear hurdle 2. 

Can you give to help build more classrooms?  

We’ve made the mistake of sending our students to other schools in the past. We can’t go down that path again. 

If we can clear these hurdles we can move forward securing the next phase of Joy Christian Secondary School. More importantly, we'll have cleared the way for the next stage of our students' journey toward the good things God has planned for them.

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