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Elisa Ndikumwenayo

Place Joy Christian School

Birthday 2008-11-17

Gender Male

Class P5

Elisa is the brightest young man in p5 B. He is also the class representative, a responsibility he takes very seriously. He loves and is best in all subjects except P.E. He likes to play soccer during recess. He wishes to become a pastor after completing his studies. Elisa is the firstborn in his family. He lives in Kagwa village with his 3 siblings and mother, Jeanne. Their father, Emmanuel recently moved to Kigali and Elisa is rarely able to see him. Elisa does almost all the chores at home (fetching water, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the last born, etc.). His mother has a heart problem and falls sick often. Prayers may be for Elisa to continue being such a remarkably courageous, intelligent and God/family loving young man. 





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