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Keilla Happy Umwiza

Place Joy Christian School

Birthday 2014-07-14

Gender Female

Class K3

STUDENT’S NAME: Keilla Umwiza Happy 

AGE: 6 years 

FATHER’ NAME: Theophile Karemera 

MOTHER’S NAME: Gloria Uzayisenga 

HOW SHE PERFORMS IN SCHOOL: Keilla is intelligent, hardworking, independent and performs well in all subjects. She has the ability to do all the activities that are instructed by the teacher and also follows directions. She can try to express herself in simple English and read short sentences. She can read simple sight words. She knows all the alphabet, counts, and writes numbers to 50. She can add, write number names from 0 to 10. 

SUBJECTS SHE ENJOYS IN SCHOOL: She enjoys drawing, coloring, and writing. 

WHAT SHE LIKES DOING DURING RECESS: Keilla has many friends at school and enjoys Skipping and also playing dodgeball with them. She is always kind and responsible and takes care of school properties. 

THE CAREER SHE WANTS: She wants to be a Doctor. 

DETAILS ABOUT HER FAMILY: Kielle lives in Gatagara village. She has one brother and two sisters. Her father and mother are teachers. When Kiella is at home she helps her parents to wash dishes and she also likes playing with other children in the neighborhood. 

A PRAYER FOR HER AND HER FAMILY: We pray for her to be a child who respects people, God fearing, loving, caring. May God help her succeed in her education and have a good future. May she help her parents and become a role model to other people in future. May God protect her family and provide each and every need. 


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