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Yvonne Uwimpuhwe

Children (80)

Place: Joy Christian School

Age: 8

Gender: Female

Class: P3

Yvonne Uwimpuhwe has been waiting 656 days for a sponsor.

Sponsorship Level

Yvonne likes to go to school. She arrives early and leaves late. She studies hard and likes to be challenged. She can read and comprehend simple stories. She is very disciplined and hopes to be a doctor one day. She like playing hide and seek with her friends at recess. 

Joy Christian School gives families the opportunity for their children to receive a solid Christian start to their education.

Each child will need a sponsor to help pay for their education. A donation of $40/month partial sponsorship or $80/month full sponsorship will pay for will pay for school supplies, uniforms, teachers salary, and help with additional costs. Some students are sponsored with one share and just need an additional sponsor to join at $40/month. You can pay for one month at a time or pay for the entire year all at once. As a sponsor you will have the unique privilege to follow the growth of your student and pray for them.

One day Joy Christian School will have a boarding school that will have both poor and rich learning side by side.  Joy Christian School hopes to be a training ground and model for many schools in East Africa. It will be a reproducible model easily duplicated in other communities.